Sep 5, 2018 BagoSphere PH Inc. is pleased to announce its partnership with LearnKey, which will help expand BagoSphere’s program offerings into digital skills training. LearnKey’s online courses will add to BagoSphere’s current offerings of communications, customer service and soft skills such as critical thinking, to help bridge the skill gap in the Philippines.

“Bagosphere has a vision to drive youth development and adult learning solutions that are directly aligned to key IT and career ready employability skills for today’s job market. We could not have a better partner in the Philippines with the right people, process and support to address the skills gap.” Jeff Coruccini, CEO LearnKey, INC.

The partnership between BagoSphere and LearnKey is aimed at addressing a growing global skill gap problem, and particularly in the Philippines many employers report difficulty in finding qualified employees. The McKinsey Global Institute report predicts that by 2030, as many as 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation. In response to this demand, BagoSphere aims to work with LearnKey to scale efforts to bridge the skill gap by working with employers and schools in the Philippines.

“LearnKey has over 30 years of experience in delivering high impact and quality online skills training all over the world. While we have been focusing on communications and soft skills, we found digital literacy skills lacking in many areas. We are thrilled to share LearnKey’s vision in addressing the skill gap, improve careers and help filipinos address the coming change in the workplace.” Zhihan Lee, Group CEO of BagoSphere.

As a result, BagoSphere & LearnKey have come together to collaborate to provide IT certification programs. The programs offered are both online and self-paced, allowing greater convenience for students and learners. Besides offering the program to employers to upskill and retain talent, BagoSphere is exploring offering LearnKey courses for students and working professionals who wish to gain access to entry-level and middle-level jobs in the IT and BPO industries, or to gain skills to work in the freelance domain. BagoSphere aims to provide the LearnKey programs affordably, and look into partnerships in the Philippine countryside so as to enable learners there to be equally competitive.

The partnership will start with a pilot phase, with programs offered through retail and through partnerships with schools, universities and employers. For more information on LearnKey, check and for BagoSphere, you may visit

About LearnKey LearnKey is a premier global provider of on-demand education and employability training solutions. For three decades our mission has been to create flexible expert solutions that work for everyone because they are not only easy to use, but they are extremely engaging and interactive. LearnKey has remained at the forefront of pioneering multimedia-based training by producing the highest production quality video based courseware aligned to IT & Career Ready globally recognized industry certifications.

About BagoSphere BagoSphere is an award-winning end-end placement and upskilling training provider supporting thousands of frontline workers to achieve better lives. Focusing on soft skills and digital skills, BagoSphere deconstructs what employers need, runs immersive, experiential training programs and connects learners directly with employers. BagoSphere won multiple awards from MIT-Solve, Ashoka, UBS, and has partnered with Globe Telecom, the National University of Singapore, elea, Julius Baer Foundation to transform a new generation of workers ready for the next generation of business.