Create a talent pipeline that drives performance and retention.

Talent Pipeline as a Solution (TPaaS)

TPaaS is BagoSphere’s end-to-end approach to help companies energize their talent pipeline.

Drive performance and retention by training job candidates, new-hires to existing employees in workplace Success Skills and critical leadership skills.

Talent Solutions

Pre-employment Training

To prepare top of recruitment funnel with job applicants who are job-ready.

Suitable for: Fresh SHS grads, college graduates

Key Outcomes: Improved hiring rates and more cost-effective cost per hire

New-hire Training

To quickly prepare new-hires to be productive and team-ready.

Suitable for: Entry level new hires

Key Outcomes: Improved hiring rates, regulatization & retention rates

Upskilling Training

To reskill or upskill employees with deeper skills in leadership.

Suitable for: Entry to mid-level, current employees

Key Outcomes: Improved retention rates, better performing teams

Key Benefits

Fill critical frontline
roles faster.

BagoSphere designed and delivered a training program that helped 1,648 graduates get hired with a placement rate of 80%.

Reduce turnover with 
enhanced onboarding.

BagoSphere developed a loan officer onboarding program, which included training more than 1,000 loan officers. We reduced their attrition by 70% and helped them save P20M in 2018.

Scale quality training
across multiple sites. 

BagoSphere deployed a pool of trainers simultaneously in multiple locations around the Philippines. All planning and logistics in deployment of trainers are handled by BagoSphere.

BagoSphere empowers people with Workplace Success Skills

These are the human skills that will unlock the potential of your people.

Positive Mindset

Cultivate a growth mindset, find purpose that aligns to one’s personal values and strength and seek initiative & self-direction.


Adapt to new or changing plans, have the resilience in the midst of uncertainties and be able to look at the future and see opportunities.


Develop positive relationships with diverse groups of people, communicate clearly with respect and be reliable when working with others.

Critical Thinking 

Learn decision-making, planning and organizing to be able to generate and implement creative solutions to solve work problems.


Build rapport, manage feelings and handle differences with people online, face-to-face and in business writing, e.g. emails and work-related documents.

Service Excellence 

Actively look for ways to meet and delight customer needs, and then communicate effectively through interactive skills.

Career Readiness 

Define career goals, create a unique personal brand and professionalism, also set long term goals for ongoing professional development.

Data Smart 

Be confident with numbers, conduct basic data analysis, processing and visualization of data to gain insights.


“BagoSphere referred a lot of talented local individuals to our company. We are very thankful to have had them as our partner. Working with BagoSphere is like having a second family, wherein everyone greets you with a smile on their faces and welcomes you with all their heart. Thank you, BagoSphere!”

Jolan P. Muyuela,

“As a frontline employment facilitation and protection facility in the Province of Iloilo, we are happy to have BagoSphere share our cause of helping Ilonggos find decent employment through the development of human skills crucial in 21st Century. BagoSphere not only benefits job seekers but also addresses the needs of our local BPO industry – by producing quality workforce.”

Francisco Tirador Heler, Jr,
Provincial Government Department Head

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