Developing human skills

The missing critical skills for your business growth & transformation

BagoSphere helps you develop your next generation workforce with speed and scale.
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Create talent pipelines

Human skills are critical but
can’t be developed by traditional learning.

The nature of business today demands human skills such as empathy, communication, leadership skills at all levels of the organization. However, way over 90% of CEOs say that human skills are more difficult to develop than digital skills. Moreover, today’s needs in learning & development have exploded in terms of scale, complexity, and overheads with an ever-increasing millennial workforce, leading to immense friction.

“It has been more difficult for us to find talent who are truly engaged in the work that we do.”

  Alex, the CEO

“Today’s young people are different and are hungry to learn.  If they are not learning, they are leaving.”

   Angela, the HR Manager

“It’s just so difficult to find quality hires. The skills gap makes it even harder, especially soft skills.”

   Kat, the Recruitment Officer

What if there is a better way?

At BagoSphere, we help people develop human skills that unlock their full potential. Because it’s the human skills like adaptability, teamwork and critical thinking that will future-proof your people. Technical skills will always evolve, but it is human skills that will keep your organization thrive in today’s complex and fast-changing economy.

Your people are your future. Ensure that they are ready for the future of work.

Developing your teams with critical human skills 


Bite-sized programs introducing our method of teaching human skills.

It’s team-based, collaborative and fun.

“BagoSphere provides high quality training that helps many graduates get hired at Panasiatic. Their graduates are one of the most dedicated professionals in our company that get promoted to other positions.”

Alain F. Pilar, Panasiatic Solutions

“BagoSphere has a people-centric approach to learning & development, addressing our unique needs. They are able to build our teams in a way that has helped us to strategically achieve our goals.”

Raymond Serios, Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation (NWTF)

   Talent Pipeline

Drive performance and retention with BagoSphere’s pre-employment programs, new-hire training and upskilling.

It’s the end-to-end approach, designed with speed and scale.

Clients & Partners

It’s all about people

We started out as a workforce development program for 14 unemployed youth in a small city in the Philippine countryside, Bago City. It was there that we started BagoSphere to empower young people in the face of the increasing skills gap. Ultimately, we found that developing human skills was key to bringing people into the workforce and propelling their careers.

Because the future of work is human