Transform your workforce with Human Capabilities

Imagine mission-oriented managers and frontline talent with leadership potential to fuel your business expansion.
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Mr Raymond Serios
Raymond Serios - Director for Admin & Strategic Projects

“BagoSphere helped NWTF upskill and scale its operations from 2,000 to 3,700 employees in Luzon and Visayas over the past 5 years. No other organization has such a people-centric approach to learning & development.”

The Human Capability School
BagoSphere accelerates your rapid growth by equipping your workforce with essential mindsets, skills, and capabilities through customized programs, coaching, and community support -- from their day one to becoming first-time managers.

BagoSphere's Human
Capability Programs™

Logo of Aspiring Professionals Program
Aspiring Professionals
Meet hiring targets with well-equipped near-hires ready to immediately contribute.
Logo of Emerging Professionals Program
Emerging Professionals
Maximize productivity with high performing employees ready to deliver exceptional service.
Logo of Grounded Leaders Program
Grounded Leaders
Multiply revenue with human-centered supervisors ready to provide focused direction and inspiring energy.

Get Clear Career Development Pathways

We nurture your workforce with mindsets and capabilities for career progression, fostering their growth from near-hires to becoming first-time supervisors.
Gif of human capability blocks - self awareness, growth mindset, energy management and critical thinking

Empower with Coaching, Not Just Training

Go beyond traditional training. You will get customized, community-based learning experiences, coupled with post-program coaching to ensure practical knowledge application.
Gif of an online class in session. Discussion on affirmations.

Get Measurable Returns on Investment (ROI)

Get learning outcomes that are linked to your business goals. Through our proprietary learning measurement tools, surveys and interviews, we will always be delivering measurable ROI.
Gif of a person filling up a learning measurement tool

“I am now able
to make better decisions
in the face of challenging situations.”

Angelika's company was able to increase their employee retention from 35% to 85%.
Profile picture of Anjelika Bilog, team member of talent acqusition at NWTF

Anjelika Bilog

Talent Acquisition, NWTF
Angelika participating in an online class

Facts Speak for Themselves

Over 2,700 aspiring professionals trained with 85% getting hired after completing training.
Over 5,000 employees onboarded, increasing worker retention from 30% to 85% within 2 months.
Over 500 professionals trained, with an average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 for increased confidence, productivity, service excellence, culture-building, and career pathway development.
Backed by a global network of investors and funders including elea Foundation for Ethics Globalization, Kickstart, Fossil Foundation, and EMPower.

“BagoSphere has created life-changing opportunities for thousands of youth.”

elea Foundation for Ethics in Globalization has been an investor of BagoSphere since 2015.
Mr Peter Wuffli
Dr. Peter Wuffli
Founder and Chairman
Group of BagoSphere students discussing an assignment


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