Our mission is to develop the next generation of talent for the next generation of business.

Human ingenuity and skills are at the core of every technology and major shifts in the world. We don’t get to enjoy self-driving cars, the internet and going to the moon without communication, empathy, creativity and teamwork.

With both technology and human skills, we can change the world for the better.

BagoSphere’s mission is to develop more people to make that happen, regardless of their access to economic opportunity.

We started out by asking “what kind of talent do companies need?”

A few years ago, we started a workforce development program for unemployed youth in a small town in the Philippine countryside, Bago City.

As we grew, we found ourselves successful in training and helping tricycle drivers, high school graduates and single mothers launch careers in the digital economy – often reaching a 85% job placement rate 90 days after graduation.

We realized that transforming human skills changed everything.

After training over a thousand people, we found that our most successful students were being regularized, promoted and staying longer in the companies. We found them to be hungry to learn, confident, responsible and highly motivated.

So we decided to focus on those key human skills that will allow them to be ready for any future and possibility.

More than that, we started partnering with companies to power their performance and learning to the next level.

Within 3 years, we have trained and provided better opportunities for 3,500 people, while also yielding real business results to our clients.

Negros Women for Tomorrow Foundation

BagoSphere’s onboarding program at NWTF led to a 70% decrease in attrition rate.

Panasiatic Solutions

Panasiatic trusts BagoSphere to supply a third of their workforce since 2013 with 90% being employed within 90 days.

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Our core values

Why First

We know our why.


We help others reach their full potential.


We have love in our hearts and give it.


We need each other.


We continuously learn and relearn.

Our Leadership Team

Zhihan Lee
Zhihan LeeCEO & Co-founder
Ashoka Global Fellow &
Global Good Fund Fellow
Ellwyn Tan
Ellwyn TanBusiness Development Head & Co-founder
Obama Foundation Asia-Pacific Leader &
Philip Yeo Initiative Fellow
Tippi Fernandez
Tippi FernandezChief Operating Officer & Co-founder
Vita Voices Fellow

Our Investors and Advisors

Rico Gonzalez

Co-Founder and Managing Director, Xchange


Eng Tong Tan

Managing Director, Alphatech Holding Pte Ltd

Adrian Ackeret

elea Foundation

Penny Bongato

Former Executive Director for Talent Development,

Albert Teo

Tung Wah College, Hong Kong

Aliah Cimafranca

Board Member, TESDA Women Center