Our Story

The idea for BagoSphere was conceived in 2010 by Ivan Lau, Ellwyn Tan and Zhihan Lee. Zhihan had returned from a study trip to India with a social enterprise that trained rural youths and employed them in outsourcing centers. Due to their volunteering work, Ivan and Ellwyn had strong ties with the city government of Bago City, a small city in central Philippines.

In 2011, they started a successful pilot to train 14 high school graduates and college dropouts in Bago City. After a year of research, they officially launched the first immersive programs in 2013. Together with Tippi Fernandez, a former HR executive, they began to re-think education to tackle the global skills gap crisis, eventually creating human-centered framework, a key feature in all BagoSphere training programs.

Defined by our purpose to awaken the hidden potential in every youth, we created an end-end talent pipeline solution to help companies transition their workforce to be purpose-driven in the face of rapid technological disruption.  Today, BagoSphere is headquartered in Bacolod City, and has satellite offices in Manila and Iloilo.

Our Team

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