Build a values-aligned workforce

with 10 core human capabilities in a world-class community.

Companies engage us to

Achieve hiring forecasts
Ensure successful onboarding for new hires
Cultivate customer service, critical thinking
skills in their teams
Facilitate team members' transition
to leadership roles
Profile picture of Ms Presy Alba, corporate secretary of NWTF

Presy Alba

Corporate Secretary, NWTF

"After joining BagoSphere's program, one team member's confidence soared, revealing untapped potential. She proactively requested a department change, confident she could make a greater contribution to NWTF. BagoSphere's programs are indeed highly impactful!"

We focus on 10 Core Human Capabilities

Self awareness logo
Self Awareness

Deep understanding of one's strengths, weaknesses, values, beliefs, emotions, and motivations needed for impactful performance.

Positive impact logo
Positive Impact

Capacity to create positive change for the company and even for the larger community, driven by purpose and a sense of responsibility.

Growth mindset logo
Growth Mindset

Readiness to embrace challenges, see failures as opportunities, and keep on learning.

Self-management logo

Power to regulate one’s thoughts, behaviors, and emotions leading to better decision-making and interpersonal relationships, plus increased resilience.

Goal orientation logo
Goal Orientation

Capacity to define, align, and work toward one’s professional goals in consonance with the company’s goals.

Self-efficacy logo

Confidence in one's own capability to successfully execute tasks and achieve goals.

Energy management logo

Facility to regulate and optimize physical, mental, and emotional energy to maximize productivity and well-being.

Entrepreneurial mindset logo
Entrepreneurial Mindset

High initiative, adaptability, creativity, and a willingness to take ownership of their professional growth.

Critical thinking logo
Critical Thinking

Capability to analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information and arguments to make logical and informed decisions.

Interpersonal skills logo
Interpersonal Skills

Ability to effectively communicate, collaborate, and build positive relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

How we are different


Corporate Training


Tangible Return on Investment (ROI)

Learning outcomes aligned with your business objectives.
Retention &
Productivity Metrics

Career Development Pathway

Programs designed to support the career development of your talent pipeline.
Pathway: new hires to
first-time supervisors
One-off programs
Pathway for managers

Group and Individual Coaching

Questioning and reflecting as part of learning.

Community Learning

Learn, have fun and hold each other accountable.

Customized Programs

Custom terminologies, role plays and simulations, reflect the real work-place

Access to Community

Access to a community extends beyond program completion.


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