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Join a world-class program backed by Ateneo de Manila University, BPO experts, and get endorsed directly to
top BPOs in the Philippines.

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Mr Raymond Serios
Ken Tangan - BBF Batch 27

ACED-BagoSphere Fellowship has been a life-changing experience, and I am forever grateful for the opportunities it has provided. It has equipped me with skills necessary for success, a sense of purpose, and a community to belong to.

Introducing the
ACED-BagoSphere BPO Fellowship (BBF)

World-Class Program

Our globally-awarded training program is crafted by learning experts and co-certified with Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED).


Our program receives support from local and international grants, including GrabforGood, Fossil Foundation, EMpower, and Mariposa Foundation.

BPO-industry Calibrated Curriculum

Our curriculum is constantly aligned with BPO industry standards and requirements with specific partners like Alorica.

Intensive Training + Coaching

Scholars undergo one month of intensive, full-time online training covering mindset development, BPO skills, interview coaching, and call simulations.

Placement Support

After training, scholars are promptly endorsed to multiple partner BPOs and receive ongoing support from our dedicated trainers.

On-the-Job Support

Employed scholars receive ongoing support from trainers and fellow scholars within our online community.

We've helped 2,700+ jobseekers, with 85% getting jobs paying PHP 11,000 - PHP 25,000 monthly.

Picture of Krezle
Krezle Mondragon
Iloilo City
Batch 2, Hired at Teleperformance

"I used to work as a cashier, and I was so nervous during BPO interviews that I could not pass the assessments. After my training with BagoSphere, I finally landed a job. Eventually, I was promoted to become a trainer."

Picture of Ferlyn
Ferlyn Ramirez
Quezon City
Batch 8, Hired at Teletech

"BagoSphere equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the BPO industry. I encourage everyone to share their accomplishments and inspire each other to pursue our dreams. - On achieving 100%
Overall QA & Reliability Scores for the month
of January 2022."

Picture of Mary
Mary Alonzo
Navotas City
Batch 1, Hired at Sitel

"I never imagined being promoted so quickly! After just twelve months,I was promoted to Customer Service Representative (CSR), providing email support to customers."

Prepare for a better future

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Yvonne transformed her life with Fellowship.

Yvonne from Batch 31 sharing her life journey in class.
Yvonne eventually got a  job at Concentrix within a month after training.
"ACED is blessed to partner with BagoSphere in this life-giving program that brings hope to disadvantaged Filipino youth. Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty and we hope to develop the capabilities of the participants to help them achieve abetter future for themselves
and their families."
Dr. Carmela Oracion
Director, Ateneo Center for Educational Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the BBF program eligibility and requirements?
Eligibility for the program:

  • Age: 18-24 years old (for BBF Batches 34 & 35)
  • Education: Applicants must not be currently enrolled but should be a Senior High School or Old Curriculum High School graduate.
  • Employment: Applicants should be currently unemployed.
  • Location: You must be residing in our specified cities in the Philippines.
Technical Requirements:

  • Internet Connection: A stable internet connection is essential.
  • Devices: A smartphone is required. Having a laptop or desktop computer is recommended for practicing computer skills.
  • Audio: Earphones or a headset with a microphone are necessary.
  • Online Meeting: Basic familiarity with platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts is helpful.
  • Learning Environment: A conducive and distraction-free space for learning is recommended.
How to apply for a BBF scholarship
If you meet the program requirements, click here to apply for BBF scholarship.

Scholarship applicants who meet the eligibility criteria will be contacted to participate in the screening process, and will be assessed and compared with those of other applicants. Given that each batch can only accommodate 20 students, only the highest-performing candidates will be selected for scholarship awards, and they will be notified accordingly.
What is the cost of this fellowship?
The ACED-BagoSphere BPO Fellowship costs $550 USD per student. Generous sponsors enable us to offer full scholarships to eligible students. As a result, scholars are not required to pay. The requirement is for scholars to complete the training and join placement activities so they can get a job.
What will fellows learn from the fellowship?
During the first month, fellows undergo an intensive, full-time program that imparts the core skills demanded by our employer partners. The curriculum includes a combination of weekly online live sessions, self-paced courses, mock interviews, phone simulations, grammar and typing tests, as well as insights into the BPO industry.

Additionally, life skills, work ethics, and financial literacy are integral parts of the program. In the second month, fellows receive endorsements to our employer partners and job placement support. Career mentorship and career development assistance continue in the third and fourth months of the fellowship.
Is there a certificate provided at the end of the program?
Yes, upon successful completion of the program and meeting all requirements, you will receive a certificate jointly issued by the Ateneo Center for Educational Development and BagoSphere.
What makes us unique?
Our approach revolves around short, intensive programs that lead directly to employment. We achieve this by collaborating directly with companies to craft a tailored learning journey.

Our fellowship places a strong emphasis on developing both technical and human skills—transferable abilities that empower individuals to become more resilient and adaptable. We operate entirely online, allowing us to scale our impact wherever our employer partners seek new talent.
Who are we?
BagoSphere is a human skills school that equips frontline workers with the mindsets, skills, and human capabilities they need.

The Ateneo Center for Educational Development (ACED) is a vital initiative by Ateneo de Manila University aimed at delivering systematic, high-impact, and visible support programs for public school systems in the Philippines, in collaboration with the Department of Education, Local Government Units, and other partners.

The partnership between BagoSphere and ACED was established in 2018.


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