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BagoSphere's Human Capability Programs™ foster your workforce's career progression, ensuring they grow with your organization.
Aspiring Professional Program Logo

Aspiring Professionals

From PHP 1,500/pax
1-3 days
Ideal for companies aiming to achieve hiring targets with near-hires prepared to make immediate contributions.

Emerging Professionals Program Logo

Emerging Professionals

From PHP 2,900/pax
1-5 days
Ideal for companies aiming to optimize productivity and advance the performance of both new and current employees, enabling them to deliver exceptional service.

Grounded Leaders Program Logo

Grounded Leaders

From PHP 10,000/pax
5 days-5 months
Ideal for companies striving to boost revenue with human-centered supervisors prepared to provide focused guidance and inspiring leadership to their teams.

Facts Speak for Themselves
aspiring professionals trained with 85% getting hired after completing training.
employees onboarded, increasing worker retention from 30% to 85% within 2 months.
professionals trained, with an average satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 for increased confidence, productivity, service excellence, culture-building, and career pathway development.
Human Capability Program™ Features
Targeted Program Development
Thorough reviews, including business goal assessments, group discussions, interviews, and surveys to pinpoint program priorities before design.
Tailored Content
Terminologies, scenarios, role plays, case studies, and examples directly applicable to your business, ensuring relatability for all learners.
Group and Individual Coaching
Group and individual coaching to promote peer learning and team cohesion.
Holistic Learning Approach
Engaging onsite or online live sessions, online self-work activities supporting adult learning principles, and community-based interactions allowing participants to learn from one another.
Lifetime Access to Grow Learning Platform
Lifelong access to learning materials and community to foster ongoing engagement, collaboration, and enjoyable learning.
Comprehensive Outcome Analysis
A  detailed report after the program, incorporating both quantitative and qualitative data for a comprehensive understanding of the program's impact.
BagoSphere's Emerging Professionals Program for loan officers contributed to a client's expansion from 2,000 to 3,700 employees in 5 years, leading to annual cost savings of US$400,000 due to reduced attrition and increased productivity.
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